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“Dick is a great virtuoso of the flute – from the large bass F which opens the CD up through concave metallic whisperings, and on further all the way up to the piccolo which in ‘Streambird’ twirls itself higher and higher. He is a capable and inspired composer who knows how to move pictures and to enfold stories in a world of sounds as if it was their real and only dimension.” – Guiseppe Dalla Bona, Musica Jazz, Italy

“Dick plays every kind of flute with great command in this solo recording. With the bass flute he makes an unbelievably variegated, rich, bearlike sound. He plays a duo with his frind Ned Rothenberg. Dick’s most read author, Philip K.Dick, inspired the piece ‘Eye in the Sky’. Robert Dick plays every size flute with complete freedom, a command that overwhelms. This disc is really interesting.” – Swing Journal, Japan

“‘Sea of Stores Remix’ blends Dick’s playing with spoken narrative, sounding like dial-spinning radio commentary from 2050. Jazzers as significant as Sonny Sharrock and Wayne Shorter have ventured into science-fiction jazz, but none have done it as well as Dick has here, which, considering the duty of Jazz to travel where no jazzer has gone, is no small feat.” – Dave McElfresh, Jazz Now, USA

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