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Dick has classical technique up the wazoo, yet he over-blows and vocalizes with the swagger of James Brown and the daring passion of Jimi Hendrix.   —  www.jazzreview.com

“Its high time to recognize the prodigious bravura of Robert Dick.  His voice is unique in the contemporary world.”    -– Musica Jazz, Italy

  • Our Cells Know

    Our Cells Know (7)

    OUR CELLS KNOW – Robert Dick, solo contrabass flute Tzadik Records 4015 (2016) Improvisation has been central to my musical life since childhood.  Rather than write pieces for this CD, I just practiced on my low flutes and allowed myself to go where the music wanted. I’m unconcerned with expectations of what a flute should sound like and what a flutist should play.  To me, all instruments can be treated as human-powered synthesizers, embracing their traditions but not enslaved to them. In this music, I have striven to be my most essential self.  I thought of myself very little while playing, letting the music speak as unselfconsciously as possible. The contrabass flute offers expanded sonic dimensions in several ways, particularly in its percussive realms.  This is surely the first flute recording of any kind with a piece dedicated to Ginger Baker, my favorite rock drummer.
  • The Galilean Moons

    The Galilean Moons (11)

    THE GALILEAN MOONS NEMU Records 017  (2016) Robert Dick – flutes (contrabass, bass flutes in F and C, openhole alto, flute      (sometimes with Glissando Headjoint®, piccolo) Ursel Schlicht – piano (on the keyboard and inside the piano) Flute and piano as you’ve never heard before – a kaleidoscopic emotional journey that combines incredibly imaginative sound colors with clear structures that mix composition and improvisation and are a pleasure to follow. All the music is by Robert Dick or Ursel Schlicht or by them both together! Dick and Schlicht have created and performed together since 2004 and their duo is Robert Dick’s primary chamber project. Often startling, intense and explosive at times.  There are some strange and wonderful sounds going on. – Downtown Music Gallery, NYC
  • Flutes & Voices

    Flutes & Voices (9)

    Mutable Music 17451-2 (2010) Robert Dick - flutes (bass flutes in F and C, openhole alto, flute (sometimes with Glissando headjoint®, piccolo) Thomas Buckner - baritone Two long time creative partners went into the studio and spontaneously made this CD. The music is presented in the order it was made. A banquet of energies -- intensity, sensuousity, humor, whimsy, and lots more. An extraordinary musical conversation. I must emphasize how incredibly delightful Mr. Dick and Mr. Buckner's musical daring is to experience. Their style of improvisation removes the listener from any expectation or familiarity with either instrument and delivers one's ears to a new expressive universe. Sequenza21.com
  • Doh Tala

    Doh Tala (10)

    DOH TALA Robert Dick, Steve Baczkowski, Ravi Padmanabha Epoch Music (2008) Robert Dick - flutes Steve Baczkowski - saxophones Ravi Padmanabha - percussion Improvisations by Robert Dick, Steve Baczkowski and Ravi Padmanabha. "spirited and uplifting dreamworld" Downtown Music Gallery, NYC "This is world music as it's meant to be, flexible without compromise."  All About Jazz
  • Photosphere

    Photosphere (6)

    PHOTOSPHERE NEMU Records 002  (2005) Robert Dick – flutes (bass flute, flute, flute with Glissando Headjoint®, piccolo) Ursel Schlicht – piano (on the keyboard and inside the piano) Robert Dick and Ursel Schlicht re-invent the flute-piano duo!  Recorded live in concert at Dock4 in Kassel, Germany. Photosphere is just incredible! Robert's breathtaking flute playing and dynamic range are well captured here as are Ursel's marvelous piano excursions.  – Downtown Music Gallery, NYC
  • King Chubby - IS

    King Chubby - IS (11)

    IS by KING CHUBBY Caliente 245 360 624-2 -- (2004) King Chubby: Robert Dick, flutes; Ed Bialek, samplers and keyboards; Will Ryan, percussion and hand made instruments; Mark Egan, electric bass; Michael D'Agostino, drums and percussion. Did you ever wonder what Robert Dick would do with electronic effects? Here is the astonishing answer! Smart with genuine heart, King Chubby are the often promised, never delivered combination of loft jazz and jam bands come to life. -- All Music Guide IS can be defined as the ultimate in instrumental world fusion. They harness the sounds of the Middle East, Spain, Japan, and South America to create a new kind of jam music. -- Meniscus Magazine
  • Columns of Air

    Columns of Air (12)

    COLUMNS OF AIR - Robert Dick and Jaron Lanier Future Tickle Music  (2003) Virtual reality pioneer and multi-instrumentalist Jaron Lanier and Robert Dick craft a program of lyrical and exotic duos.  Lanier plays pipe organ, piano, Gu Zheng (a Chinese harp), Clavichord, Oud, baritone 12 string guitar, contrabassoon and more.  Dick plays flute, sometimes with his revolutionary "Glissando Headjoint", bass flutes in C and F and piccolo.   Santur virtuoso and singer Alan Kushan joins the duo in two pieces. Terry Riley hails this recording as "important music".
  • Vindonissa

    Vindonissa (12)

    VINDONISSA –  Paul Giger, Robert Dick and Satoshi Takeishi ECM 1836 (2003) Swiss violinist Paul Giger brought Robert Dick and Satoshi Takeishi together for remarkable trios, duos and solos.  Released only in Europe (but available through the Robert Dick Shop on this site!), this CD finds Robert at his most melodic and lyrical, playing flute, flute with Glissando Headjoint®, bass flutes in C and F, and contrabass flute. An exceptional and breathtakingly beautiful album  --  Schwäbische Zeitung This disc is often imbued with a holy light, mystical…  -- Classical
  • King Chubby - Other Times

    King Chubby - Other Times (8)

    OTHER TIMES - King Chubby KC-1 (2002) Robert Dick, flutes and electronically manipulated vocals; Ed Bialek, samplers and keyboards; Will Ryan, percussion and hand made instruments.  The "Ambient/Overdrive" genre is launched! King Chubby evokes an environment bursting with information overload, multicultural cross-pollination, and comic book surrealism. Subsequently, Other Times has the flow and brashness of a boldly sprayed tag. -- The Wire, London Did you ever wonder what Robert Dick would do with electronic effects on his flute and his voice?  OTHER TIMES holds the gorgeous answers!
  • 12 Fantasias for Flute Solo

    12 Fantasias for Flute Solo (13)

    THE TWELVE FANTASIES FOR FLUTE ALONE BY G.P. TELEMANN Callisto Records CLS0101, Italy  2001 Robert's only pure classical recording to date.  Discover the artist returning to his roots in elegant, profound and stylistically informed interpretations. This is a 3 disc set.  Disc 1: Robert Dick performs the Fantasies on flute, bass flute and piccolo.  Disc 2: Lorenzo Cavasanti performs the Fantasies on period instruments: traversi and recorders.  Disc 3: A multimedia disc with scores, photos, interviews. I positively loved the Telemann recording. It is original in thought and conception, well produced and with all the "extras" I think it is one of the most practical and desirable recordings in the field. I loved the bass flute numbers. - James Galway
  • A.D.D. Trio - Sic Bisquitus Disintegrat

    A.D.D. Trio - Sic Bisquitus Disintegrat (10)

    SIC BISQUITUS DISINTEGRAT (That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles) - A.D.D. Trio ENJA Records  9361-2, Germany  2000 The A.D.D. Trio: Robert Dick, flutes; Christy Doran, electric guitar and delay devices; and Steve Argelles, drums; plays music by the members of the trio.  This band has played together from 1993 to 2002 and reached a rare peak of musical communication and virtuosity.   Robert's dream of a flute-driven power trio brought to sailing, wailing life! If you're the kind of person who wonders how Rahsaan Roland Kirk and the Grateful Dead at their respective peaks might have sounded together, Sic Bisquitus Disintegrat should be high on your shopping list. - JazzReview.com
  • Gudira

    Gudira (10)

    GUDIRA – Robert Dick, Barry Guy and Randy Raine-Reusch Nuscope Records 1003 1999 Gudira is Robert Dick, flute (sometimes with “glissando headjoint”), alto flute, bass flutes in C & F, piccolo; Barry Guy, contabass; Randy Raine-Reusch, Asian Zithers, Asian and Middle Eastern winds, percussion.  Exotic, gripping free improvisations by the trio. Simply put, Gudira is a recording of monumental proportions and implications as the teaming of three modern day innovators have crafted a series of improvisations-compositions which are unlike anything this writer has heard.         -- AllAboutJazz..com
  • Oscura Luminosa - In Full Armour

    Oscura Luminosa - In Full Armour (6)

    IN FULL ARMOUR - Oscura Luminosa Unit Records UTR 4107 (1998) Along with the A.D.D. Trio, Oscura Luminosa was an ensemble Robert founded while living in Switzerland from 1992-2002.  Oscura's thrust was to alchemize extraordinary Baroque musicians - Conrad Steinmann and Petia Kaufmann - with magicians of the contemporary - Robert Dick, Alfred Zimmerlin and Dorothea Schurch. Robert Dick, flutes Conrad Steinmann, recorders Alfred Zimmerlin, cello Petia Kaufmann, harpsichord Dorothea Schurch, soprano This CD features a radical recomposition of Monteverdi's Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda, plus free improvisations and the Metallica tune Leper Messiah.  The risk of bringing the Monteverdi madrigal into a contemporary version resulted in a musical adventure taken by the quintet Oscura Luminosa.  Respectful to the original, they met the challenge with temperament and without artifice. -- Kliene Zeitung, Graz
  • Jazz Standards on Mars

    Jazz Standards on Mars (8)

    JAZZ STANDARDS ON MARS – Robert Dick with the Soldier String Quartet and Stellar Guests ENJA Records 9327-2 (1997) Robert Dick with an All-Star Cast:  The Soldier String Quartet featuring Regina Carter, Richard Bona, Mark Dresser, Kermit Driscoll, Ben Perowsky, Steve Argüelles Music by Eric Dolphy, Jimi Hendrix, Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and Robert Dick. One listen to "Machine Gun" and you’ll understand that these folks are into busting through convention. If this really is what jazz standards on Mars sound like, I’ll be hitching a ride on the next space probe to the red planet!     – PBS Radio Guide
  • New Winds - Potion

    New Winds - Potion (10)

    POTION - New Winds: Robert Dick, flutes; Herb Robertson, trumpet; Ned Rothenberg, alto sax, bass clarinet and clarinet Les Disques Victo 053 (1997) New Winds: play original works and improvisations by members Dick, Robertson and Rothenberg, plus a Dave Douglas tune.  This is the fourth (and most likely final) recording by a band that worked together for over twenty years, developing a telepathic sense of musical empathy and maintaining a passionate creative drive. Aeolus would be proud.  - Art Lange, Chicago magazine
  • Aurealis

    Aurealis (12)

    AUREALIS -- Robert Dick, flutes; John Wolf Brennan, piano; Daniele Patumi, contrabass Les Disques Victo 052, Canada 1997 Trio Aurealis plays original works by members Dick, Brennan and Patumi and inspired improvisations. Aurealis=Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights--coruscating flashes of luminescence b(r)anding the night sky with s(l)ick radiance. Translate that to music and you've got one stellar disc, certainly among the most amazing avant garde jazz albums ever recorded.  There's some deep magic happening here.   --- Amazon Reviews
  • Irrefragable Dreams

    Irrefragable Dreams (11)

    IRREFRAGABLE DREAMS - Robert Dick and Mari   Kimura Random Acoustics, Germany 018 1996 Robert Dick - flutes (bass flutes in C and F, flute, piccolo Mari Kimura - violin   Improvisations that are indeed "Irrefragable" -- not able to be refuted or disproved; indisputable.  For all its technical derring-do, this is gentle, loving music.  But don't infer sentimentality. - www.LaFolia.com Murmuring, trembling, stopping and smelling the perfume, then all the sudden with sharp noise from the throat, splitting up the sky... then silence and shrinking... sounds appear again in a far away place.   -  Jazz Review, Japan
  • A.D.D. Trio - Instinct

    A.D.D. Trio - Instinct (10)

    INSTINCT - The A.D.D. Trio Bellaphon, Germany LR 45104  1996 Robert Dick – flutes (flute, bass flutes in C and F, piccolo, contrabass flute) Christy Doran- electric guitar and delay devices Steve Argelles - drums The A.D.D. Trio plays originals by members Steve Argelles, Robert Dick and Christy Doran. Let me briefly state here that among the many thousands of albums I've heard in my life, covering virtually every known genre in the history of recorded music, I do not have to hesitate for a single millisecond in identifying one as the pinnacle of my personal music listening experience. That album is Instinct by the A.D.D. Trio.  - Michael Anton Parker
  • Worlds of If

    Worlds of If (9)

    WORLDS OF IF  -- Robert Dick Solo Leo Records, England CD LR 224 1995 WORLDS OF IF was a great science fiction magazine from the 1950's and 60's.  Inspired by his lifelong love of Science Fiction, Robert has created music that takes imaginative flight to inner and outer dimensions. ROBERT DICK SOLO and multitracked playing original works.  Solo pieces: flute, alto fl, F-bass & piccolo.  Overdubbed groups of flutes and voices.  Duo with guest Ned Rothenberg. It takes only a few measures of hearing to realize we are on our way to a fantastic goal.  –   Disci Scelti, Italy
  • Digging It Harder From Afar

    Digging It Harder From Afar (7)

    DIGGING IT HARDER FROM AFAR - NEW WINDS: Robert Dick, flutes; JD Parran, clarinets; Ned Rothenberg, alto sax, shakuhachi Les Disques Victo, Canada cd 028 1994 New Winds performs original works by members Robert Dick, J.D. Parran and Ned Rothenberg Digging it harder from afar, we shall NOT mellow! -- Lord Buckley New Winds continued its intense and marvelous journey on the group's third CD.
  • Third Stone From the Sun

    Third Stone From the Sun (8)

    THIRD STONE FROM THE SUN - Robert Dick and the Soldier String Quartet New World/CounterCurrents, U.S.A. #80435-2 1993 -- music by Jimi Hendrix and Robert Dick performed with the Soldier String Quartet plus Jerome Harris, guitar and bass; Jim Black, drums; Marty Ehrlich, bass clarinet and Shelley Hirsch, voice One of the most unexpected and imaginative jazz-centered Hendrix tributes! Not to be missed. -- Penguin Collection "Jazz on CD"
  • Steel and Bamboo

    Steel and Bamboo (9)

    STEEL and BAMBOO - Robert Dick and Steve Gorn (O.O. Discs, U.S.A. #12) 1993 Original music by the duo of Robert Dick and Steve Gorn, master of the Indian "bansuri" bamboo flute. Steve and I performed together often in the 80's and 90's and we developed our own musical language, powerfully influenced by North Indian music with the sonic freedom of electronic music and  the spiritual freedom of two world citizens at play.
  • Tambastics

    Tambastics (9)

    TAMBASTICS -- Robert Dick, flutes; Denman Maroney, piano; Mark Dresser, bass; Gerry Hemingway, drums Music and Arts Programs of America, CD 704) 1992 Original works and improvisations by the ensemble TAMBASTICS Eight pieces composed and performed by Four Masters.  - Downtown Music Gallery
  • Venturi Shadows

    Venturi Shadows (9)

    VENTURI SHADOWS – Robert Dick solo and in Duos O.O.Discs, U.S.A. #7 1991 Three SOLOS by Robert Dick on flute and bass flute Four DUOS — Ned Rothenberg, shakuhachi; Steve Gorn, bansuri; Neil B. Rolnick, electronics and Mary Kay Fink, flute. It would be easy to argue that Robert Dick is the most important living 20th century flutist. — Downtown Music Gallery  
  • Ladder 5 of Escape

    Ladder 5 of Escape (9)

    Ladder 5 of Escape Attacca Records, Netherlands #9158 - 1 1991 SOLO FLUTE: including four original pieces, "Flames Must Not Encircle Side", "Lookout", "Anamnesis" and "Flying Lessons, Volume II", and works by Berio, Fukushima, Debussy, McTee, Asia and Morris The use of multiphonics here is nothing short of amazing, as Dick plays six notes simultaneously, a veritable series of power chords on the instrument. In all this is one of Dick's strongest and most emotionally committed recordings. - All Music Guide
  • New Winds - Traction

    New Winds - Traction (8)

    TRACTION  -- out of print  - can be custom uploaded for you Sound Aspects, Germany #044 1991 New Winds performs original works by members Robert Dick, J.D. Parran and Ned Rothenberg and Eric Dolphy Hat and Beard
  • New Winds - The Cliff

    New Winds - The Cliff (8)

    THE CLIFF  -- out of print - can be custom uploaded for you Sound Aspects, Germany #025 1989 New Winds performs original works by Robert Dick, J.D. Parran and Ned Rothenberg The Cliff is a masterpiece, first time of asking. - The Wire
  • The Other Flute

    The Other Flute (12)

    THE OTHER FLUTE GM Recordings, U.S.A. #2013 - CD 1986 This is Robert's most famous solo recording.   Includes the  original works "Afterlight", "News?" and "Flying Lessons, Volume I" and pieces by Eric Dolphy, Edgard Varèse and Paganini/Dick Listen up, flutists.  This is the flute of the future - your future!  - Flute Talk Magazine
  • Whispers and Landings

    Whispers and Landings (1)

    Whispers and Landings (Lumina Records, U.S.A., #007) 1981 -- solo program of original works.  Available only on cassette. Robert’s first solo recording, originally on vinyl. Whispers and Landings is an instant investiture of Robert Dick as an important, forward looking flutist!
    • Bill Shoemaker
    Hear the original versions of Flames Must Not Encircle Sides; Piece in Gamelan Style; OR; Young Teeth; T Might Equal C to the Tenth; Glimpse from the Blimpse  
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