I am delighted to announce the second edition of the annual ROBERT DICK RESIDENTIAL STUDIO in New York City. The Studio is a one semester intensive course for graduate level to professional flutists interested in strengthening their musical and flutistic powers in the realms of music of the present. While many flutists have had “exposure” to the music of our time and such extended techniques as multiphonics and circular breathing, the Robert Dick Studio is for those who wish to go into depth, developing mastery of — and deep understanding of how to teach — contemporary music and techniques. The Studio is open to flutists with a Bachelors degree or higher (and real life experience outside of the academy counts too!!)

Starting with a redefinition of “basics”, we will take our flute technique to new heights. It has long been proven that mastery of extended techniques has enormous benefit to traditional playing, especially increasing our range of tone colors, dynamics and clarity of articulation as well as opening the doors to new modes of expression. We’ll be going way beyond the beginning steps in throat tuning, natural harmonics, multiphonics, glissandi and the like, including in-depth study of breathing and circular breathing. My methods will give students powerful tools to use in their own teaching.

Classes will be twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, from 10am to 4pm. We begin on September 8 and end with a final concert on at Spectrum, NYC on December 10, 2016.

Applications are accepted each year until the Studio is fully enrolled. For info and application, please visit:


or the FaceBook page Robert Dick’s Studio in NYC 2016
The first Studio took place in Fall 2015. Seven students and I met twice weekly for six hours of intense group lessons. Guest teachers included master improvisers Ken Filiano (contrabass), Ursel Schlicht (vocal improvisation), Jamie Baum and Elsa Nilsson (jazz flutists), Greg Pattillo (beatbox fluting), Michael Faust (principal flutist in the WDR Symphony in Cologne, Germany), Emily Eagan (vocal coach) and Jessica Schmitz (new music and career design).

Musically, the class journeyed through important works of the 20th and 21st centuries in an exploration of the expressive intents of the music and how to realize them. We delved into a wide range of styles, from the classic serial works through to the flute’s integration of rock, blues and world musics.

A major amount of time was devoted to developing creativity through improvisation. Many classically trained flutists feel locked out of creativity – we learned to make our own keys and to use them! How? We began at the beginning, with simple and fundamental concepts that all the students could immediately use. From there we took it step-by-step, then by leaps and bounds, and then took flight!

A few quotes from the 2015 Studio:

“Reflecting on my time in this program, I can definitively say that I have gained a confidence in my approach to modern music, extended techniques, improvisation, and a variety of aspects on which to make a career as a present-day flutist. For that, I am so grateful!”

“For me, this has been the perfect segue between my undergrad degree and reality. The skills and lessons that I have learned here have greatly increased my confidence, and I am definitely inspired as I go home to build a career as a performer and teacher! I would recommend this course to anyone just looking for more….more in their flute playing, more in their teaching, and more in music.”


If you’d like to take a lesson or lessons with me from your own home, please be in touch to arrange a lesson using skype.  Skype is a free download and video calls are free!   I’ve mentored students in Europe, Asia and throughout the USA online, and I look forward to working with flutists over the globe — in other words… YOU!!   For details, please contact me at: 

Robert at RobertDick dot net


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