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A.D.D. Trio - Instinct

INSTINCT – The A.D.D. Trio

Bellaphon, Germany LR 45104  1996

Robert Dick – flutes (flute, bass flutes in C and F, piccolo, contrabass flute)

Christy Doran- electric guitar and delay devices

Steve Argelles – drums

The A.D.D. Trio plays originals by members Steve Argelles, Robert Dick and Christy Doran.

Let me briefly state here that among the many thousands of albums I’ve heard in my life, covering virtually every known genre in the history of recorded music, I do not have to hesitate for a single millisecond in identifying one as the pinnacle of my personal music listening experience. That album is Instinct by the A.D.D. Trio.  – Michael Anton Parker

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